David W Cooper


David W Cooper has been taking the world by storm ever since he started screenwriting...

David W Cooper is a graduate of the

UCLA Professional Screenwriters

Program and the Advanced Screenwriting program.

Watch the trailer for our new Pilot “Professional Development” here! This has just come out of post production. Produced with Bird Beak Films and Photobomb.tv

Professional Development was nominated

at the Banff World Media Festival

for TV Pilots.  It is down to 1 of 6


David has recently won the

RAINDANCE film festival

Live Ammunition contest for the best

pitch of the evening.

David was by the University of California for their literary journal The Coachella.  Read that interview here.

David’s major work is on his screenplays.

- David received a top 10 finish at the UCLA with his script Santa Inc. You may have read about it in Variety June 12th.

  1. -He was a finalist at WildSound’s short contest.

  2. -Quarterfinalist at the Nicholl Fellowship twice. (here and here)

  3. -Top 10% Finish at Nicholl Fellowship for Goin’ South

  4. --He was the Winner of cricket cell phones “Animal escapes” campaign (Which gets about a five thousand views per day on youtube.  My YouTube videos have been watched over 4 million times.)

  1. -Quarterfinalist for *TWO* scripts at Creative Screenwriting.

  2. -NYC Midnight - top ranked Canadian! Dave came 3rd in his division for his first script and 1st in his division on his second script.

David was a guest on “Daytime Toronto” on May 6th to discuss screenwriting.

Have a look at Dave’s Script sheet PDF. This handy two sided full color layout will give you a good idea of Dave’s work  See the various tabs at the top for more info on the various scripts.

He has written over Twenty-five magazine articles, sold a book, and hosts a podcast with 20,000 listeners.

If you would like to call David...

you can reach him TOLL-FREE at 1 (888) 246 1394. 

You’ll find him easy to talk to and a creative guy.

email can reach him by sending an email to david @ this web site (davidcooper.info)